Thursday, January 4, 2007

Children's Section

The children's section is an area designated specifically for children. There are tables and chairs small enough for children and computers just for them to play on. The children's reference desk is located to the right of the computers. There are a few major problems that the library faces reguarding the children's section. Due to the lack of space the library has, there are bookshelves that reach eight feet tall. This is obviously a major problem for children who can't reach the books, but it is also a problem for the librarians who need to get something to stand on in order to help the children find what they are looking for. Another problem the library faces is the amount of noise in the library. Because of the way the library was built, the children, adults, and quiet study area are all located in the same room which can cause problems if young children are yelling on one end of the library.

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