Monday, January 1, 2007

Recent changes

Recently there have been many changes to the Helen M. Plum Memorial Library to provide better service to the public. They have added the email reference, the Library Elf, E-audio download, and the reserve a librarian service. The Library Elf is a way that people can manage their items online. They can request a due date reminders that will be emailed to them daily or weekly. The reserve a librarian service allows the public to make an appointment with a librarian for a specific amount of time. During this time the librarian can teach them how to use the computers or answer any other library questions they may have. Another great collection they now have is the foreign language learning or English learning language collection. This helps the people who come to Lombard and want to learn English and the people who are curious to learn other languages. Like "One Book One Chicago" the library also offers a "One Glenbard One Book" where teens can all read the same book and then get the opportunity to meet the author.

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