Sunday, January 7, 2007

Building the Library

One of the ideas the architects had was to have a warm and welcoming entrance to the library. When you first walk in there are many windows to brighten up the room and a check out desk that is staffed with helpful employees. At the time the library was built, it was very popular for libraries to have all of their collections in one room. The thought was to give the public easy access to all materials. The problem is that different people come to the library for different reasons. For example, children may come to the library for story time while high school and college students may come to have a quiet place to study. In order to help this problem, the library put the adult section in between the children's section and the quiet study area. This reduces the amount of noise and distractions in the quiet study area. They also have part time monitors and a list of library rules to help keep the library under control. Because the building is so old, the architects did not take wireless internet into consideration. The library was built with a lot of concrete which makes is difficult to have wireless internet in the library. Fortunately, the Helen Plum Memorial Library is expecting wireless internet this coming spring.

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